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Branscombe's Biography

Branscombe Richmond is a truly legendary Hollywood entertainer. He is best know for his portrayal of Bobby Six Killer in the hit television show Renegade with Lorenzo Lamas and Kathleen Kinmont. Portraying a Native American Indian bounty hunter, Richmond brought action, humor and style to the part. Six Killer's pastel blazers, Hummer and laughing outbursts quickly became mainstays of the long running series. Branscombe himself even directed several episodes of Renegade, one of the few non-network shows to exceed 100 episodes in syndication.

Bobby Six Killer led to widespread popularity for Branscombe. However, he had already been well established in television prior to his work with producer Steven J. Cannell on Renegade. Richmond has played regular characters on the network action dramas Hawaiian Heat and Heart of the City. In addition, he also made guest appearances in numerous hit shows including Baywatch, Magnum P.I, and The Raven.

A life in the movies came naturally to our star. His father, Leo Richmond, was a famous stuntman on many feature productions including Mutiny on the Bounty with Marlon Brando. Like father, like son, Branscombe has also worked in stunts. In several movies, he has even held the title of stunt coordinator! As a result, Richmond is often called upon for fight scenes in which he must go toe-to-toe with some of Hollywood's toughest talent. On the big screen he has battled such stars as Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal and Arnold Scwarzennegger. Unfortunately, in these clashes Branscombe is usually forced to take the fall and come out bruised, beaten or dead. However, before Richmond departs from a movie, the gentle giant always puts up a tough fight and brings enormous realism to his role.

Yet, Branscombe's finest contributions have come in the B-movie world. There he has landed such leading roles as Don Ho in the 1993 classic Da Vinci's War. Playing a homeless Vietnam Vet, Richmond was forced to lead his troops once again, this time against international spies and hit men. In what proved to be a career highlight, his portrayal of Tony in the 1994 action flick Hard Vice was acclaimed by action movie fans. Working with B-industry stalwarts Sam Jones and Shannon Tweed, Branscombe played a brutal mobster to perfection. This rise culminated with PM Entertainment's 1995 feature To The Limit. In this Anna Nicole Smith vehicle, Branscombe served as executive producer and second unit director, as well as reprising his character of Don Ho (aka Don Williams).

Recently, Branscombe has turned his attention towards conquest of the music world. Encouraged by longtime friend Wayne Newton, he has formed a country-rock band "Branscombe Richmond and the Renegade Posse". As lead singer, Richmond has brought his classic style and humor to the group and they played gigs in places as diverse as Las Vegas and Switzerland.

With the cancellation of Renegade a long and successful chapter of Branscombe's life has come to a close. In the show, he worked closely with his good friend Lorenzo Lamas. Richmond even served as best man in Lamas' 1996 wedding to Shauna Sand. TV fans everywhere are hoping that a new series will come along soon reuniting the legendary duo. In the meantime, ever the happy-go-lucky star and family man, Branscombe lives in Los Angeles with his wife Lei and four children.

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