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Welcome to the World of B-Movies

Do you like those corny movies that air at 3:00 in the morning? Do you think that the works of Robert Z'Dar, Shannon Tweed, Dom DeLuise, and Julie Strain haven't been properly recognized by the Academy Awards? Do you search the internet every year to find out which of your favorite stars have been nominated for a Razzie Award? Or maybe you just enjoy a good movie feauturing an all-star cast of bad cops, cyborgs, chainsaw-wielding zombies, kickboxers, Columbian drug dealers, and Playboy Playmates? Then feel like an outcast no more. You have come to the right place for those of us who know who the real Will Smith will always be!

Get ready to experience the "World of B-Movies"!

The Gallo-Martino Home Page

Anna Nicole Smith Place

The Branscombe Richmond Fan Page

Robert Z'Dar: The Man and His Jaw

Christoph Kluppel Is The Ubermensch

Brush Shiels Homepage Version 3.01

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