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Z'Dar wants you to watch this B movie classic!

Robert Z'Dar stars as Sheriff O'Connell in this 1988 horror movie. Z'Dar uncharacteristically sports a slender jawline in this film, as this movie was made before his jaw swelled up to gigantic proportions.

As the corrupt sheriff of a small Southwestern town, Z'Dar makes newcomers to his town feel unwelcome. This is so that they won't find out the town's dark secrets.

Z'Dar turns the other jaw as a local satanic priest abducts little kids in surrounding towns. The priest of Satan is played by a bald William Smith, the gravelly-voiced co-star of many a Z'Dar movie.

Z'Dar is poked and prodded by Smith to do something about the father of the boy he kidnapped. While the boy is being held captive in Smith's basement, the boy's father has been snooping around town asking people questions about his son's disappearance.

Smith gets very physical in this exhange with Z'Dar, even slapping Z'Dar on his large cheek.

"Cowboy Z'Dar" finds the father and arrests him "for kidnapping, murder, and anything else he can pin on his moldy black ass."

He gives him the Rodney King treatment by roughing him up. But the father flees Z'Dar's captivity by running Z'Dar's patrol car off the road. The father then has a showdown with his son's kidnapper at Smith's house, where his son is being turned into a mindless zombie.