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In Maniac Cop, Robert Z'Dar plays the title character, a cop with a large and disfigured face who terrorizes the streets of New York City. Z'Dar's massive mandible is used to great effect in this horror movie as it is covered with gruesome scars and lesions.

Z'Dar's face got that way when it was slashed by prison inmates at Sing Sing, the penitentiary where Z'Dar was sent because of his appetite for excessive force in enforcing the law.

Z'Dar's face was cut worse than Jan-Michael Vincent's in Red Line. Z'Dar had been attacked so savagely that he was presumed to be dead.

But he escaped form the prison morgue and resurfaced in the Big Apple, where he dons his old police uniform every night and deals out his own brand of jaw enforcement.

Also in Maniac Cop is Z'Dar's compadre William Smith, who plays a police captain who doesn't believe that Z'Dar is the Maniac Cop.