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For this movie from PM Entertainment, Z'Dar grew a thick beard in a feeble attempt to hide his ridiculously large chin.

Z'Dar plays Russo, a cop on the take from a corrupt political candidate.

He wears the same tan leather jacket that he wore in Red Line, showing the low budget of this movie.

Z'Dar and his partner watch their boss play with dangerous toys.

Z'Dar's hefty jaw drops in amazement as he observes the destruction caused by the bazooka.

Z'Dar must silence Patrick Ewing-lookalike Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs who has information that would smear his boss' political reputation.

Z'Dar picks his teeth with his finger in this exchange, in which he hopes to lure Hilton-Jacobs into a trap.

Z'Dar takes fashion tips from Miami Vice as he wears a trendy sports jacket within the confines of his boss' yuppie lair.

This jacket, along with his visible gut, seriously interferes with Z'Dar's ability to whoop Hilton-Jacobs ass.

Not even the mighty jaw can save him as Z'Dar faces death by electrocution again.