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Red Line is truly a kick ass movie that features an all-star cast. Star Chad McQueen is a loner after the big money, while rival mob bosses Jan-Michael Vincent (who generously supplied his own wounds for the role) and mechanic Michael Madsen battle it out for control of L.A.'s crime scene.

Z'Dar isn't the only one in this film with facial problems, as Jan-Michael had just gotten into a serious car crash just days before filming. The fresh scars are ingeniously written into the script as the result of a mafia hit attempt on Jan-Michael's character. When mobster Jan-Michael brings his car in to be serviced by the two-bit service station, he takes along his chief henchman, Robert Z'Dar.

Jan immediately takes a liking to Chad and decides to hire him for some specialty jobs. These involve stealing high-priced cars from his hated enemy Michael Madsen. Robert Z'Dar is not certain that McQueen can be trusted and does a background check. Here he ponders the mechanic's past exploits in the field of "D&D", demolition derby.

When McQueen finds out the car he has stolen contains millions of dollars of stolen diamonds, he decided to keep the money for himself. Vincent is pissed and wamts the diamonds, the car, and McQueen's head! Z'Dar is sent after him and tracks his every move.

In the end, however, his driving skills are no match for McQueen. Z'Dar's jaw ends up going for a ride from which it will not return.