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Z'Dar and his jaw give a strong performance in Tango and Cash, his most mainstream movie to date.

Z'Dar plays a truck-driving drug smuggler who hauls an 18-wheeler full of cocaine on the highway.

Police Officer Ray Tango (Sylvester Stallone) learns of Z'Dar's trucking route through an informant's tip. He parks his convertible lengthwise across the highway to block Z'Dar's passage.

Stallone then continues to fire upon the truck in the hopes of bringing it to a stop.

Z'Dar's face bears an expression of fear, as a bullet narrowly misses the large target of his face.

Stallone's shot causes Z'Dar to slam on the brakes, catapulting Z'Dar and his passenger through the front window.

Z'Dar, his face cut and bleeding, spits on Stallone and vows revenge.