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That night, Stallone and Russell are abducted from their jail cell and taken to the basement of the prison, where Z'Dar appears.

He threatens Stallone and Russell with his unnaturally large face which now has a band-aid strip across the nose.

Jack Palance, Z'Dar's real-life mentor and idol, also appears in this dungeon, as he was responsible for putting both Stallone and Russell in prison.

Z'Dar introduces Stallone to the other inmates as the cop who broke his ribs, his leg, and his jaw.

Russell incredulously asks Stallone, "You broke that jaw?"

Stallone and Russell then sock it right to Z'Dar's jaw, but the iron jaw is largely unphased.

Z'Dar cheers on as Stallone and Russell are then electrocuted.

But soon Z'Dar meets a similar fate.