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In the Big Sweat, Z'Dar plays special agent Trudeau, who represents a new breed of law enforcement. Z'Dar sports a pony tail in this flick and is frequently seen chomping on a cigar, making his already swollen face appear even larger.

Z'Dar is out to nab a bank robber named Marco Donnelly, whom he suspects is planning another heist.

Z'Dar is seen impatiently chomping on the bit, driven to nailing the would-be bank robbers.

He confronts Donnelly in a bar and offers him to turn in the ringleader of the bank heist. Z'Dar offers this deal to Donnelly because claimes to "like his face."

When Z'Dar flashes his FBI identification, Donnelly can't believe how large Z'Dar's face is on his driver's license.

Using the overgrown jaw that nature blessed him with, Z'Dar talks tough with Donnelly, warning him that he'll go to jail if he doesn't cooperate.

Intimidated by Z'Dar's menacing jawbone, Donnelly squirms a little, but still refuses to take it in on the chin like Z'Dar wants.

Soon the bank heist goes down as predicted. Most of the film consists of a car chase in which the bank robbers attempt to escape to Mexico with the stolen loot.

Z'Dar is hot on their tail the whole time talking with Donnelly by CB, cigar always in mouth.

At the film's conclusion, Z'Dar meets up with Donnelly in Mexico with his long hair fallen down around his chubby face.

With surfer dude shades on and cigar in mouth, Z'Dar proudly raises his jaw in triumph at capturing this fugitive from justice.