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Some people build thier bodies to have the biggest muscles in Hollywood....

Sam Jones and Christoph Kluppel in Gold of the Samurai

Others get massive silicone implants to have the largest bust in Hollywood....

Anna Nicole Smith

But who has the biggest jaw in Hollywood? The shark in Jaws is certainly a contender and Dick Tracy has been recognized for decades because of his "granite jaw"....

Robert Z'Dar, however, was naturally blessed with the biggest jaw in Hollywood, and perhaps the world. To quote TV guide, "Robert Z'Dar's swollen jowls give an alarming new meaning to the term lantern-jawed."

Z'Dar's genetic misfortune has landed him numerous roles. Like a modern day Jack Palance, he has created a successful career as a fine actor, while others have capitalized because of the bear trap around his mouth. Click on the movie titles below for pictures and information about the man and his jaw.

Red Line (1996) .... Gene

Stormy Nights (1996) .... Alan

Big Sweat, The (1991) .... Troudou

Divine Enforcer, The (1991)

Final Sanction, The (1991) .... Sergei

Killer's Edge, The (1991) .... Miller Richardson

Quietfire (1991) .... Russo

Evil Altar (1989) .... Sheriff O'Connell

Tango and Cash (1989) .... Face

Maniac Cop (1988) .... Matt Cordell

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TRIVIA: Birth name is Robert J. Zdarsky. He is 6'2" and of Lithuanian descent. Hails from Chicago where he once was a real cop. His aliases include Robert Darcy, Robert West, Bobby Z'Dar, and Bunki Z.

Click here for the "Really Scary: Interview with Robert Z'Dar" - Robert tells us how to play a bad guy, his thoughts on method acting, and how he actually began his career as a Chip n' Dales dancer!

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