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The Killer's Edge is an excellent picture from the studios of PM Entertainment. Although Wings Hauser's movies usually put me to sleep, he is actually quite good in this one. Perhaps this is due to the presence of villain Robert Z'Dar. Once again Z'Dar brings a different look to the role. While his jaw is still prominent, he sports a casual 1980's look to go along with his wealthy lifestyle.

Z'Dar plays a counterfeiter, who is also an exceptional killer. His right hand man Tony should be familiar from many other PM works. It is Gino "Dinnocente" Dentie. Here he chats with Tony while gettting a massage.

Z'dar uses his mammoth jaw to stabilze a bazooka.

The trick works with deadly precision.

Meanwhile Robert is a man of leisure, at home tickling the ivories in the comfort of his bathrobe.

But more than anything, Z'Dar likes the ladies, especially receiving oriental massages which remind him of his days in Vietnam.

When he gets into a war with fellow counterfeiters and dead bodies begin to turn up, the police are hot on his trail. Captain Robert Gallo gives Detective Jack Saxon (Wings Hauser) his orders to track down the elusive killer.

As Hauser gets closer to solving the case he realizes that Miller Richards (Z'Dar's character) is an old friend of his from the Vietnam war. Wings asks around at the local massage parlors for his friend's whereabouts describing him as "big, 6'4", 220, with a big jaw."

In a dramatic flashback, the two soldiers play a game of trust by shooting bottles out of each other's hands.

However Saxon is suspended from the force by Gallo for excessive killing, claiming that he was responsible for "ten percent of the city's homicides." Wings continues to follow the case and confronts his old friend Z'Dar. He gives him one last chance to leave town because he saved his life back in 'Nam. Z'Dar declines and responds by kidnapping his girlfriend. The pair must once again face each other, this time to the death and on opposite sides of the fighting.